Here are a few videos with instructions on how to install and use MaximusPro on your motorcycle -

Need information on how to install and operate the the MaximusPRO? Download the user manual here.

Have some more doubts about using the MaximusPRO? Check out these frequently asked questions:


1. What is MaximusPro?
  • MaximusPro is a service designed by bikers for bikers to provide an enhanced riding experience.
  • t has a dedicated display module which gives a distraction free navigational experience
  • It has biker to biker connectivity which helps you to broadcast messages easily to your riding buddies when in-need of help.
  • It provides you with connected battery.
  • Google has partnered with us and we are the first company in the world to provide turn by turn navigation on a purpose built Display Module.
  • It consists of a purpose built smart Display and additional hardware, all powered by a smartphone application
  • This Display Module has an e-ink display, specially selected for optimum brightness under direct sunlight which can be used under rainy and dusty environment.
  • It also ensures that your Bike is safe by detecting any unwanted movement and alerts you immediately.
  • With MaximusPro, you can track your riding achievements and flaunt them with your riding buddies.
2. What all does the Display Module show me?
Ans: The Display Module shows you
  • Details of your planned ride i.e. your start and end locations , the total distance and the time taken to cover this
  • It shows details of the next stop and informs you when you’ve reached a point of interest
  • In case you have missed a turn ,especially in a new city , then the Display Module will alert you and guide you back to your planned route
  • During an emergency, you can use the Display Module to broadcast preconfigured alert messages e.g. No fuel, to your ridding buddies. They will see your alert on their respective Display Module. They can choose to respond to your alert through the Display Module and you will be able to see their response on your Display Module
  • Along with all this, you can also see the time of day and Display Module’s battery level
3. Does it have a SIM card?

Ans: The Connectivity Module that is installed on your Bike has a dedicated SIM card.

4. How does rider to rider connectivity take place?
Ans: Incase of emergencies like flat tire and accidents you will be able to alert your riding buddies using the alert feature of Maximuspro.
You can access this in 2 ways DM and app.
  • You can trigger the preconfigured alerts for No Fuel, Puncture (Flat Tire), Accident etc. by double pressing ( within 1 second please ) on the Display Module or clicking on the SOS button of the mobile Application.
  • These alerts will be broadcast to your riding buddies over your mobile phone’s data connection.
  • Your riding buddies will be able to see the alert on their Display Module and MaximusPro app.
  • They can respond to your SOS alert through the app or their Display Module. You can also see who has responded and is on their way to help, both on your Display Module as well as your app.
  • The connectivity may be affected at times due to the strength of the network connectivity available.
  • But don’t worry it works perfectly even when your phone is in your pocket/backpack or with your pillion rider when network is available
5. Do you provide me the navigation required to reach the friend who is in need of help?
  • Yes, we are working on it and it will be available very soon with an app update.
6. How many devices can be connected in a group?

Ans: Typically in a group of 40 to 50 Riders, MaximusPro can help you connect with any number of Riders.

7. What phones do you support for the app?

Ans: We support Android and Apple iPhones.

8. What version of Android / iOS do you support?

Ans: We support Android 6.0 and above. For iOS we support 10.0 and above

9. What happens when there is no network? Can I communicate? Can I navigate?


  • We provide an offline navigation experience. So you continue getting turn by Turn directions even when there is no connectivity. However, in case you deviate from the planned route then you will receive approximate directions, on your Display Module, to return to your planned route.
    (Note: Your MaximusPro smart Display should be paired and connected to your smartphone to receive GPS information needed to provide you with navigation directions during the ride)
  • Accurate navigation will recommence when connectivity is restored.
  • Connectivity is needed only when you want to plan a ride, send alerts or return to a planned route in case of deviation.
  • MaximusPro also informs you on the Display Module when GPS signal is weak.
10. How long will the DM battery last on a single charge?

Ans: The Display Module has been specially designed to make it extremely battery efficient so that you don’t have to recharge it frequently. On a single charge the battery lasts a minimum of 2 to 3 days.

11. How long will the Display Module battery life?

Ans: The Battery will easily last for 3 to 4 years.

12. Impact on my phone battery life?

Ans: MaximusPro minimizes your phone’s battery drain by displaying only relevant information on the Display Module so that your phone does not have to be in active power mode all the time. Your phone’s battery is actively used for navigation. The information transfer to the Display Module is over Bluetooth Low Energy to minimize your phone’s battery usage

13. Impact on my bike’s battery life?

Ans: MaximusPro has an internal battery which is used whenever your Bike is stationary or its ignition is off. It charges from your bikes alternator only when the ignition is on. Hence there is no impact on your Bike’s Battery.

14. Can I find parking spots using this?

Ans: Not right now but maybe in the future

15. Why don’t you use a standard mount?

Ans: Of course, you can use a standard mount. Any camera mount with ¼ th inch thread can be used to mount MaximusPro but we recommend that you use the mount provided with the MaximusPro kit.

16. Where do I get local weather info from?

Ans: For now, you may need to use a separate application for this. In future MaximusPro mobile application may provide you with this information.

17. Is the map stored on the Display Module? Where is it coming from?

Ans: No it isn’t. The navigation information displayed on the Display Module is fetched from MaximusPro mobile application.

18. How is it different from a walkie-talkie?

Ans: MaximusPro is a comprehensive service for information and alerts which are important during riding. E.g. Navigation, Bike Battery Health, Theft Alerts and more. All these information along with Biker to Biker Notifications are delivered in a non-distracting way through graphics and text.

19. Any plans to support Audio communication between riders?

Ans: In future, we may support Integration with Bluetooth Helmets and Communicators

20. Does it give me fuel consumption and average speed?

Ans: MaximusPro provides you information on average and top speed after you stop your ride. We may provide critical information about fuel consumption in the future. This may be possible to achieve in future without depending on the fuel gauge of your bike

21. Can you calculate the distance left? It’s important

Ans: We are currently showing distance to the next stop on the display module along with expected time of arrival of the next time.

22. Can you inform me about my Bike’s mileage?

Ans: We are working on providing critical information about mileage and fuel. We may bring these to you in the future

23. Can I get information about ETA in an unknown place?

Ans: MaximusPro informs you about the expected time of arrival to the next stop for a planned ride. This information is shown on the Display Module

24. Does it give me tire pressure?

Ans: We understand that this is important for you. We may bring this to you in the future.

25. How will you communicate with tire pressure monitoring system?

Ans: This communication is expected to happen wirelessly with the tire pressure monitoring sensors

26. Can I find the nearest fuel pump or Service stations?

Ans: During your planned ride, you can see the locations of fuel pumps which are easily accessible to you from the mobile app. You can also add Fuel Pumps as a Point of Interest while planning your ride. We are also working with service station aggregators and individual service stations/ mechanics to provide information on their services when you need it

27. Can I add my points of interest?

Ans: Of, course. You can add Points of Interest for Fuel pumps, Restaurants and Hotels while you are planning your ride through MaximusPro Application. While you are on the ride, you will receive navigation guidance to your planned Points of Interest on your Display Module.

You will be able to add your own points of interests in the future.

28. How do I get in touch with you guys?

Ans: Feel free to send us a WhatsApp/SMS message at 9158492411 or just call us on our Toll Free Number 1800-212-5359. You can also drop us a line at help@maximuspro.com We operate 9 am to 5 pm on 7 days.

If the lines are busy then please WhatsApp and we will call you back

29. Do you have an Altitude meter?

Ans: We would love for you to know the Altitude you are riding at and we may bring this to you in the future.

30. Is this certified by OEMs?

Ans: MaximusPro has been tested at reputed test laboratories and passed all required tests for use on motorcycles.

31. Is this tested at ARAI / other agencies?

Ans: MaximusPro has been tested at reputed test agencies like ARAI and passed all required tests for use on your motorcycle. Test like vibration, drop, bump, temperature, climate and electro-magnetic interference and conductance have been run.

32. Will it work internationally?

Ans: For now MaximusPro is designed for use only within India.

33. Will it work in Nepal/Bhutan?

Ans: For now, the subscription is available only within the geographical boundaries of India. If you have a roaming connection on your mobile, Navigation will work on the Display Module through the MaximusPro mobile application if Google Maps has service availability there. However, we will not be able to track and trace your vehicle and provide services related to battery voltage.

34. Can I carry this in a flight?

Ans: Yes, you can carry your MaximusPro with you on the flight. Since both the Display and Connectivity Modules have internal batteries, you will need to carry it in your cabin baggage for security reasons

35. Can I use this in my car?

Ans: ☺ MaximusPro is designed to be of service for Motorcycle Riders. Both the Display Module and Connectivity Module work best when installed on a Motorcycle.

36. Can I use the same device across all my bikes?

Ans: The Connectivity Module needs to be permanently installed on your Bike to provide the service at its best. Once installed, we recommend not to uninstall the Connectivity Module to use across multiple bikes.

37. How do I switch on my Display Module’s backlight

Ans: The backlight automatically turns on during twilight and night. The brightness is adjusted depending on whether any new information is displayed or not. This makes the Display Module battery last longer.

P.S: You will find that the backlight does not turn on inside a tunnel during daytime, this is based on feedback from Riders who mentioned that navigation is not needed inside tunnels. You can manually turn the backlight on for few seconds by pressing the button 3 times in quick succession.

38. I already have a tracking device. Can I use it with your product instead?

Ans: MaximusPro works only with the connectivity module that is delivered in the package.

39. Who pays for the SIM Card data connectivity?

Ans: Your Connectivity Module’s SIM card charges are paid for the duration of your subscription period.

40. Can I pay in EMI?

Ans: Currently this option is not available. However we are exploring options with finance companies

41. What’s the warranty?
  • To keep things simple, we are providing a 1 year warranty on the Display and Connectivity Modules against all Manufacturing defects
  • The warranty period starts from the date of purchase
  • You will find details of our Warranty policy in our Terms of Service maximuspro.com/legal/termsofservice
42. What happens if I receive the device damaged?

Ans: We make sure that the device which is shipped to you is free from any damages. In the unfortunate case, that your MaximusPro package was damaged during transit or if you feel the package has been tampered with, then please

Do not open it and courier it back to us.

WhatsApp/SMS message at 9158492411 or just call us on our Toll Free Number 1800-212-5359. You can also drop us a line at help@maximuspro.com

(9 am to 5 pm on 7 days)

  • All claims must be made within 7 calendar days from receiving your product.
  • Please refer to Terms of service
43. Will this fit on my bike?

Ans: We have successfully installed MaximusPro on the following bikes. In case you own a different Bike, please connect with us and we will be happy to help with the details

Make Model CM Location
Yamaha Yamaha FZ1 Y Below the seat in Tool box
Royal Enfield Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 Y Below the seat
Royal Enfield Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 Y Below the Seat or in the fuse box
Royal Enfield Royal Enfield Classic 500 Y Below the Seat or in the fuse box
Royal Enfield Royal Enfield Classic 350 Y Below the Seat or in the fuse box
Royal Enfield Royal Enfield Himalayan Y Below Main seat
Benelli Benelli TNT300 Y Below the main seat in the tool box
KTM KTM DUKE 390 Y Below the rear seat
KTM KTM DUKE 250 Y Below the rear seat
KTM KTM DUKE 200 Y Below the rear seat
KTM KTM RC 390 Y Below Rear Seat
KTM KTM RC 250 Y Below Rear Seat
KTM KTM RC 200 Y Below Rear Seat
Bajaj Bajaj Avenger Y Below the handle bar
Bajaj Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Y Below Rear Seat
Hero Honda Hero Honda Karizma Y Below the seat
Hero Honda Hero Honda Karizma ZMR Y Below the seat
Triumph Triumph Tiger 800 family Y Below the seat
Triumph Triumph Tiger Explorer Y Below the seat
UM Renegade Commando Y Below the Rear Seat
UM Renegade Commando Mojave Y Below the Rear Seat
UM Renegade Commando Classic Y Below the Rear Seat
UM Renegade Sport Y Below the Rear Seat

44. How will this be installed?
  • The Connectivity Module is installed under the seat of your Bike, or in your Bike’s toolbox in case there is no space under the seat.
  • There are 5 wires attached to the Connectivity Module.
  • Two of the wires will be connected to your Bike’s battery and the third to the Bike’s accessory / ignition.
  • These wires are all appropriately marked i.e. for Battery, Accessory to indicate which wire is to be connected where. ( color of wires)
  • We also provide blue T-Tap clips for connecting to the Bike’s ignition so no wires need to be cut

If you face any issues please WhatsApp / SMS us at 9158492411 or call us at 1800 212-5359. We are available from 9 am to 5 pm on all 7 days.

45. Do you have a garage recommendation in my city, in my area?

Ans: We are in the process of tying up with trusted garages / mechanics who can help in the installation.

46. Can you install this on my bike right now?

Ans: Sure …which Bike do you ride?

47. Will this void the warranty of my bike’s battery / electronics / anything about my bike?

Ans: We have installed MaximusPro on several Bikes across multiple makes and models and haven’t faced any issue regarding warranty. This is because we do not cut any wires but just tap into the ignition wire. We do not foresee any issues with your Bike’s warranty but cannot guarantee either.

48. Where can I buy it?

Ans: Just call us at 1800-212-5359 or WhatsApp on 9158492411. You can also connect with us at sales@maximuspro.com and we will guide you to the nearest dealer. We are also present on www.Amazon.in . Just search for MaximusPro.

49. What all is included in this cost?

Ans: You get one (1) year Service subscription for services along with your MaximusPro device at the time of purchase. Did I mention that you don’t need to pay for the data plan of the Connectivity Module … well you don’t. You will be eligible to get all future software updates and fixes free of cost during the subscription period. You will have to renew your service subscription after one year to continue availing services like location tracking, theft alert, bike battery and health alert. You may continue to avail other services in case of non-renewal of Service subscription.

50. What do you mean by subscription?

Ans: Subscription means a service that has all expenses paid for data and hardware for a period of one (1) years so that you experience all current features and future releases without interruption.

51. What if I lost my sim and got a new number?

Ans: You will have to update your number from the My Profile page.

52. What if I change the network but have the same number?

Ans: You will not face any issues

53. Why can’t I just use Google Maps?

Ans: MaximusPro uses Google Map APIs to provide navigation in a non-distracting and easily comprehensible manner. As a result you no longer need to mount your phone on your Bike’s handlebar and endanger it during rough rides.

54. Why no integration with helmet?

Ans. In future, we may support Integration with Bluetooth Helmets and Communicators

55. Are you homologated?

MaximusPro has cleared all relevant tests at Automotive Research Association of India, Pune in September and October 2017.

56. Motorcycles will have advanced TFT screens? How are you going to match up to that?

Ans: We differentiate on experience. TFT screens are only for navigation but we provide many more services.

57. Where are you guys from?

Ans: We are located in Pune . If you are in Pune , just drop by …we would love to hear from you. Just give us a heads-up through any of our contact channels so we are ready to welcome you

58. What all bikes do you ride as a group?

Triumph Bonneville, Royal Enfield Thunderbird, Royal Enfield Electra, TVS Apache, KTM, Dominar

59. Who should I speak with for Channel partner / OEM related queries

Ans: Please drop us a line at sales@maximuspro.com . You can also reach us at our Toll Free number 1800 212 5359 or send us a WhatsApp/SMS message at 9158492411

60. Who should I speak with for Media related queries

Ans: Please drop us a line at tellmemore@maximuspro.com . You can also reach us at our Toll Free number 1800 212 5359 or send us a WhatsApp/SMS message at 9158492411